Vocation Stories

Sr. Maria Regina Immaculata


Sr. Virginia Joy


Sr. Faustina Maria Pia


Hear Sr. Faustina Maria Pia share the story of God’s grace & mercy in her life that lead her to the Sisters of Life

Sr. Antoniana Maria


Sr. Bethany Madonna


“Do I need to find a new group of friends?” Everything was in slow motion…I had just said the unthinkable for a 17-year old, and there was no going back. With all of the new freedoms that drivers’ licenses and extended curfews bring, we were at a crossroads. When I realized the destination of our trip that night was a keg party, the knot in my stomach bid me turn back, and I asked to be dropped off at home, where my trusting parents awaited me. Their silence was my answer… (more)

Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei

When my twin sister and I were born, we numbered six and seven of what would eventually be eight children, making for a childhood full of life, creative adventures, and loving chaos nestled in the woods of rural Maine. While a public school education didn’t afford much in the formation of faith, my mind and heart grew to appreciate and engage the spiritual world of Divine love and grace through the witness of my parent’s lives and a powerful experience I had when attending a summer Catholic youth conference before my freshman year of high school. For the first time I was exposed to Eucharistic Adoration. I remember gazing at the Eucharist and being pierced to the heart. I knew it was God. Tears rolled down my face, my soul was filled with peace, and my heart was filled with an invitation – “live life with love and compassion.” I was overwhelmed by God’s personal love for me… (more)__________________________________


Sr. John Mary

The story of God’s extraordinary work in an ordinary human life is a mystery—words can only tell a fraction of the story. In my case, the voice of the Lord was not heard in any dramatic way, but rather like Elijah, through gentle, persistent breezes—so gentle that it took me years to notice their Divine source. My journey to the convent was primarily an intellectual one. I had a healthy curiosity about the world and a desire to experience all it had to offer: education, adventure, friendships, travel and work. Through all my worldly pursuits, God spoke to me through what I love most—ideas and work… (more)


Sr. Maris Stella

I developed a great affection for Our Blessed Mother as a child as I heard the story of her apparitions to the Fatima children. The day after my first communion, during a May Crowning, I consecrated my life to Jesus through Mary.  As I look back, I see how faithful she has been to that simple act of faith and trust I made in giving my life to her.  Shortly after as my second grade teacher was telling us about the apostles she suggested that some of us should consider the religious life. My eyes widened as she spoke and I knew in a way that the message was for me…  (more)


Sr. Brigid Ancilla Marie

Rachel was born when I was seven, fulfilling the dream of every girl to have a little sister to play with and love. Rachel brought special blessings and joys, and also a summons to faith in God and His designs in human life. She was born with a deletion in Chromosome 8, a genetic defect unique to her which is manifested through spina bifida, severe mental retardation, blindness and a number of other small disorders. She was not expected to live a day, but now she is a happy eighteen year old.   While we went to Mass every Sunday and my three brothers and I knew that faith was important to my parents, my sister’s birth revealed to us the depth of trust my parents had in the Lord. They had nothing to cling to but faith, hope and love. I have been told many times that children like Rachel do not live except through the love given them by their families. God has truly rewarded the faith of my parents, for He has revealed Himself through the pure, perfect love that Rachel returns to us everyday. She is the image of Trinitarian love in my life…  (more)