Call to Love

Vocation means “call”. It is how you were created to love and be loved. It is an invitation received, and God initiates. We cannot earn or create it. He speaks it into the depths of our heart, and in freedom, I respond in trust and generosity, knowing it is for my joy.

The lives of the saints display the many paths to holiness. We see men and women who have discerned and chosen God’s plan for their life and love. Let the Blessed Mother’s trusting “yes” give you courage.

Living one’s life now is an anticipation and preparation for your definitive vocation. How can I strive to be the best daughter, the best sister, the best friend/student/co-worker, etc.? By drawing closer to Jesus, living a virtuous life, and making generous sacrifices of my time and very self to God and others, I make strides in freedom and openness of heart to hear and respond.