Past Co-Worker of Life Meditations

March 2018: Hearts Made New
February 2018: Celebration of Life
January 2018: Resting in the Father’s Love

November 2017: Dancing for Joy at His Love!
October 2017: Love is Colorblind
September 2017: Thirst
August 2017: God is Real
June 2017: The Power of Fatherhood
May 2017: Get Back Up Again
March 2017: Pick the Lock!
February 2017: Happy Tears
January 2017: In Gratitude for Life’s Goodness

November 2016: Like Clay in the Potter’s Hands
October 2016: A Mother’s Heroic Love
September 2016: We Have a Saint!
July 2016: Let It Go
May 2016: The Littlest Flowers
April 2016: Blessed Is She Who Believed
February 2016: Into the Desert
January 2016: The Face of Mercy

December 2015: Your Light will come Jerusalem
November 2015: Piercing the Cloud of Fear
October 2015: Thank you, Jesus!
September 2015: Childlike Confidence
July 2015: Water Turned Into Wine
June 2015: A Summer of Leisure
May 2015: I want to See the Father
April 2015: Longing Hearts
March 2015: The Gift of Presence
February 2015: I’m Me!
January 2015: Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life

December 2014: Wrapped in the Love of Jesus
October 2014: Feeding our Hope
August 2014: Shoots of Love
July 2014: Freedom of the Children of God
March 2014: Where are your wounds?
February 2014: He loves us so much
January 2014: Behold, I Make All Things New

December 2013: God Is With Us
November 2013: The Gift of Presence
October 2013: Be Still My Soul
June 2013: Heart to Heart: Explosive Prayer
May 2013: For Nothing is Impossible with God
April 2013: A Love that Transforms

December 2012: Welcoming Our Savior
November 2012: Christ, King of the Universe
October 2012: A Million Resaons to Believe
September 2012: Confidence in Fatherhood
February 2012:  True Love

January 2012:  The Gaze of a Mother

December 2011:  Our Longing for Jesus
November 2011:  Lost in Wonder and Awe
October 2011:  Rise and Have No Fear
September 2011:  The Present Moment
July 2011:  The Sacred Heart of Jesus
June 2011:  Even a Tiny Flame Lifts the Heavy Lid of Night
May 2011:  He is Risen!
April 2011:  He Has the Power
March 2011:  The Annunciation
February 2011:  The Presentation in the Temple
January 2011:  The Joy of the Magi