Respect Life Office

Since 2002, the Sisters of Life, at the request of Edward Cardinal Egan, have been serving as the
Director and/or the Respect Life Coordinators in the New York Archdiocesan Family Life/Respect
Life Office. For more than 15 years, the Sisters through this Office have provided a consecrated
witness and full-time support to Archdiocesan-wide and parish-level pro-life activities, and
Archdiocesan marriage and family programs.

In August 2017, given the extensive work of the Archdiocese to revamp its marriage preparation
program and the need to continue to strengthen the culture of life in the minds of the faithful,
Timothy Cardinal Dolan chose to separate the Respect Life Office from the Family Life Office so
that both may flourish in their much-needed work in the Church.

His Eminence appointed two Sisters of Life as the Director and staff of the new Respect Life
Office, and approved a move of the Office from the Chancery building to the Sisters’ convent. We
are grateful for the opportunity to expand and initiate pro-life apostolates within the Archdiocese
through the Respect Life Office.

The Office’s initiatives will be seen through the lens of an important prayer uttered by St. Francis:
“Who are you, most sweet God, and who am I?” “Who are you, most High God, and who am I?” It
is the deepest question in every human heart. To find the truthful answer to who I am, I must first
know of my infinite value because of “Who God is” Our Father. And it is only God–who called us
out of nothingness–who can reveal to us our deepest identity – who we are, and what we are made

This is what it means to be Pro-Life. The Respect Life Office is not an issue-driven response to the
contempt for human life, but an answer that gives voice to Truth—to the deepest identity of each
person—that you are loved into existence by a God whose image you reflect. It is through this lens
that the Sisters are looking to the future to see how the Respect Life Office can meet the needs of
the people of the Archdiocese of New York. Desiring that their hearts will burn with this question
“Who are you God? And Who am I?” And that each person will experience the peace, joy, and
fulfillment in receiving His answer.

For more information, visit the Respect Life Office Website or contact:

Sr. Virginia Joy, S.V.
Director of Respect Life Office
Archdiocese of New York