The Love & Life Centre at WYD 2011

The Sisters of Life want to invite you to join us as we prepare to co-host with the Knights of Columbus, the Love and Life Centre at World Youth Day, in Madrid this coming August. The site will be home to thousands of English speaking pilgrims as a center for catechesis, speakers, music, and prayer all seeking to proclaim the the beauty and grace of a life lived in and for Christ.

Get the update on the site’s programming & schedule, tap into the spiritual preparation posted on the site, and get the latest on preps for WYD at the official Love & Life Centre website. You can also join the WYD online conversation and connect with all those supporting the site through Facebook.

Most importantly, join us in prayer for the millions of young pilgrims preparing to attend the World Youth Days – days of tremendous grace and encounter with Christ! We are co-sponsoring an interantional rosary campaign for this intention – join us at

If you are interested in volunteering at the Love & Life Centre, send an email to Sr. Agnus Dei at wyd(at)

Check out this clip from the Love & Life site at WYD in Sydney, Australia in 2008:

For more info about WYD in general, visit: