Love in its Most Radical Form

Today we celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem – marked by the festive joy of all those who have seen His miracles, heard stories of His works, and been touched by His love and His life. We too have experienced Jesus’ miracles – lives transformed, self-sacrificial love and witness of others, our own daily ‘yeses’ even amid weaknesses and failures, the grace to follow after Him, the Sacraments (!), and countless other wonders of His love. 

The mystery of our salvation is at hand and as we approach the holiest week of the year, my heart is eager in anticipation for all the graces the Lord, the King Almighty, desires to pour out upon His flock – the miracles that He desires to work in our lives, the grace He desires to give us to truly be His disciples.

Those who line the streets to welcome Jesus for the Feast of the Passover wait in anticipation for the restoration of Israel, knowing this King comes in the Name of the Lord, yet how quickly they turn away. Is it possible that some of those who laud Him as King are the same people of Jerusalem who later demand his crucifixion? They cry out to Him as King, but perhaps, do not allow Him to reign in their hearts.

Jesus, reign in our hearts! It is what we so desire. It is what inspired all our Lenten offerings and sacrifices. Professing Jesus as King requires that we take Him at His word and follow after Him, in whatever way He invites, that we go out of ourselves for the sake of Another – for Love. It costs something, but reveals to us our truest identity.

On the journey of discernment one continues to ask, “What have you created my heart for?” Love. In His Passion, Death and Resurrection, Jesus gives us a glimpse of His love for each of us – “love in its most radical form,” as Benedict XVI wrote in his encyclical, Deus Caritas Est. We only find the meaning of our lives in this love.

As we prepare to commemorate the central point of our very lives, the work accomplished in the paschal mystery, let us be mindful of this extravagant love and be with Him in a new way this week. We enter into these sacred days singing ‘Hosanna! Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!” so let us ask Him to reign anew in our hearts and live this time with Him intensely. 

Even if you have failed in your Lenten promises, it is not too late to begin again this week and be united with Jesus in His solitude and prayer, in His self-emptying, in His suffering and agony and death and in the profound silence that marks Holy Saturday. Let us be with Him and console His heart in these days of sorrow and suffering leading up to the great feast of victory and triumph over sin and death, so that we may fully be with Him in His glory and joy – and be radiant signs of Redemption to the world.

What wondrous love is this, O my soul, that He would allow us to share in this mystery.

As we honor Him and sing His praise on the cusp of His greatest proof of love and most powerful miracle, let us ask Him, the King of Glory for the graces we need/want – those known and unknown. May He awaken in us the deepest desires of our hearts, so we may follow Him wherever He leads and reign in us through this journey of life and through eternity. The graces await you.

Be assured of our prayers for you and your family – for miracles!

Blessed Holy Week and Triduum.

In His Heart,

Sr. Grace Dominic, S.V.