Diving Into Freedom

Have you ever been to a place that is so breathtakingly beautiful that your jaw literally drops and the innermost core of your being is touched by beauty?  Maybe you were in the mountains and the majesty of it all struck you.  Or maybe you’ve been to a place where there are no city lights and at night the sky was so bright with millions of stars…and then there was a meteor shower! Normally you’re calm, cool and collected, but suddenly you find yourself becoming like a little child, screaming with joy and delight, pointing at every shooting star!  Or perhaps you were at the beach gazing at a beautiful sunset, with the waves crashing on the shore and the sky dancing with bright oranges, pinks and purples.  Think about the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.  Now, put that image on the left.  Then, place a mirror on the right, and look at your own reflection.

Did you know that you are more precious, more glorious, more beautiful than all of the galaxies, the mountain ranges, all of the beaches and sunsets? Our immediate response is, ‘Impossible!  There’s no way I’m more beautiful than that!’  The startling truth is…YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL! The human person is the crowning glory of creation.  You are made in the image and likeness of God, springing forth from the heart of the Trinity. You are made in the image of Christ.  You reflect a unique aspect of the FACE of GOD that no one before you or after you will ever bear.  You are unrepeatable, precious, and sacred. God loved and willed you into existence, and it is His personal, intimate, passionate love for you right now, that is holding you in being.  If God stopped loving you for a split nanosecond, not only would you cease to exist, but it would be as if you never were.  Our hearts were created by God and for God, and nothing less than the Infinite One can satisfy us.  Only friendship with God can satisfy the deepest longings for freedom and love in our hearts.

If this is what we are made for – to live in communion with God in complete freedom, why don’t we experience this freedom in our lives?  What is preventing us from being truly free?  Distrust and lack of faith often keep us bound from really diving into freedom.  This lack of trust often sounds like this, “If I surrender everything to God, is He going to fulfill me?  Does He really know what will make me happy?”  Sometimes we can speak out of both sides of our mouths and tell God, “Why aren’t you working miracles in my life?  I’ve been praying for this situation in my life to change and you’re not doing anything about it!”  but on the other hand, we’re still holding onto our lives, and trying to control everything.  We haven’t abandoned ourselves completely to God, and so He doesn’t have room to work.  We can’t experience support from God unless we leave Him the space to move.  The image of a parachute jumper comes to mind.  As long as he does not jump, he cannot feel the parachute supporting him, because it hasn’t had the chance to open.  The person must jump into the void and it is only later that he feels carried.  The same is true of the spiritual life; we need to take that leap of faith, trusting that, “God gives in the measure that we expect of Him.” (St. John of the Cross.)  St. Francis de Sales said, “The measure of Divine Providence acting on us is the degree of confidence that we have in it.”

What are you waiting for?  Be not afraid to dive into freedom!  God will carry you, if you trust Him.  He whispers these words to our hearts, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” – Isaiah 55:9.

A word from our Founder, John Cardinal O’Connoras we approach the Solemnity of All Saints!!:

“A saint is an individual who has permitted his or her entire self, all his or her potential, to be fully actualized by Almighty God so they can love fearlessly.”