Visitation Mission- Pregnancy Help

Our whole lives are spent planning.  From the time we can barely talk, people are asking us what we’re going to do with our lives.  After so many plans and expectations, an unanticipated pregnancy can seem like your life is over.  Especially if it seems like no one but that little voice deep in your heart hopes there is any possibility for making this work.  Well, what if that little voice is right?  What if this pregnancy isn’t the worst thing possible?  What if everything will again be all right, and even better than all right?  The Visitation Mission is here to help you unfold the beautiful promise that lies hidden in the unexpected:  your greatest self, waiting to emerge.

You have a lot of dreams yet to accomplish.  The powerlessness you feel now is not who you know yourself to be.  There are so many unanswered questions, so many seeming impossibilities.  But the passion that has already given shape to your hopes and ambitions in life is what reveals the strength you are capable of as a woman, even in the most confusing of circumstances.


The Sisters and Co-workers of the Visitation Mission are eager to listen to you, your hopes and your struggles.  We can help find real possibilities during a difficult time.  We want to walk with you and see you thrive.  Take that first step. Call us.

In the United States: 877-777-1277 (toll free)

In Canada: 877-543-3380 (toll free)

Alternatively, you can fill in the form below:

In the heart of every woman is the longing to be heard.  To be understood.  To be believed in. We believe in you.

You will be hearing from us soon.  There is a way.  You are not alone.

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