Profession of Vows, August 2012

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On August 6, 2012, Timothy Cardinal Dolan celebrated the Mass of Profession at which Sr. Mary Louise Concepta, S.V., professed her perpetual vows and five novices professed first vows. Cardinal O’Connor would tell us that like Mary at the Annunciation,

The consecrated religious is the woman who has opened herself totally and entirely to the working of the Holy Spirit, permitting herself to be filled completely with that Spirit so that from that point on, far from having contempt for the world, nothing in the world is casual or small, but everything comes from the hand of Almighty God. Everything then has its purpose. Everything exists because Almighty God has either brought it into existence or permitted its existence. Everything is invested with the Divine… Once this overshadowing by the Holy Spirit occurs then it almost forces itself into these vows which are expressive of total consecration to our Divine Lord. The vows no longer seem strange or unnatural. If a woman falls in love with a man, she wants to vow herself to him in every conceivable way for the rest of her life. Everything changes. The woman and man in love float on air and the whole world looks different. Everything is seen in a new light. Everything has a new wonder about it. This is by way of simply human love. When a woman falls in love with Christ how is she to express this? She vows herself to Christ unconditionally, unreservedly. This is what the vows are. The vows are an expression, an articulation, of indescribable love for and in Christ.

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