The Sacred Heart of Jesus

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised adored and glorified throughout the whole world for ever and ever.  Amen.

This year the Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on July 1st.   This special honoring of the Heart of Jesus gives us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the heart of the Visitation Mission.

Loving with His Heart
The essence of the Visitation Mission to pregnant women is to love each woman with the heart of Christ.  The intensity and the immensity of Christ’s love for us, is beyond our imagining.  For all eternity, His human heart now beats in His glorified risen body in heaven.  His glorified body is not limited by time and space.  Think of how Jesus walked through the locked doors and disappeared in Emmaus during the breaking of the bread.  Even now He is able to enter into our hearts and unite His Sacred Heart with ours giving us His own Heart to love with.   

God’s Love Reaches Out
When “Elizabeth” found out she was pregnant her mind went numb, “how am I going to manage” she agonized.   The thought of abortion came into her mind and like a robot she dialed 211 and asked for a listing of abortion clinics.  She was given an address and set out the same day.  Once she was on the street she was unable to find the correct address, so she approached another woman sitting in a car in the parking lot and knock on the window. Elizabeth handed the woman the slip of paper with the address and asked if she knew where the building was located.  In the amazing providence of God the woman sitting in the car was a sidewalk counselor for the 40 Days for Life.  The two women sat and talked together for a long time about what was going on in Elizabeth’s life and the little baby growing inside her. Elizabeth told us later; “it was a miracle just for me, God personally taking care of me, He reached right into my life and saved me.”  God knows and loves each of the women and each unborn child personally and He desires to share His love for them through us.

He holds us in His heart
As you join the Sisters in serving pregnant women, there will be times when you feel weak and unable meet the many needs of the woman before you.  You will not be able to solve all her problems.  We entrust each woman to the tender Heart of Jesus and ask Him to carry her burdens in HIS Heart.  He takes great joy in being our Savior.   Our primary role as Sisters and as a Co-Worker of Life is to love each woman with the heart of Christ.  Allow your heart to be delighted by her goodness and to love her with your prayers, with little acts of kindness, with patience, and with gentleness.

“Jesus meek and humble of heart, make our heart like unto Thine.”