The Present Moment

Lord, I leave the past in Your mercy,
the  future in Your providential care,
and the present moment in Your Love.
–  Padre Pio 

At every moment, He calls and beckons His sons and daughters to discover Him in the peoples and circumstances of everyday living.  Just as there are no two fingerprints alike, so is the unique and distinct manner by which the King of all hearts beckons each person to know Him.  That which is sent to us at the present moment is the most useful because it is intended especially for us; the Lord’s invitation is intimate, personal, and “tailor-made.”  If this is so, why is it difficult to hear this gentle invitation?  Is it possible for the Lord to speak to me during this traffic jam?.. never-ending grocery line?.. hustle and bustle of life?

In the Visitation Mission, listening to a woman who is pregnant and vulnerable is a privilege and a gift.  As we listen to her, we get a glimpse of what is in her heart, her fears and anxieties of the past and the future.  The past can certainly haunt and claim a person, making us feel it’s our identity.  The future, with all its uncertainties, can be frightening and worrisome, thus preventing us from moving forward.  Whatever the dilemma may be, the advice is the same: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift – that’s why it is called present.  The Lord Himself is present in our midst.   

The Will of God in the present moment is the source of sanctity.  God loved each of us into existence, with the intention of sharing His Divine Life with us.  There is not a moment in which God does not present Himself under the cover of some pain to be endured, of some consolation to be enjoyed, or of some duty to be performed.  All that takes place within us, around us, or through us, contains and conceals His divine action.  If we could lift the veil, and are attentive and watchful, God would continually reveal Himself to us, and we should see His divine action in everything that happened to us, and rejoice in it. 

How can we foster a spirit of abandonment, and so unleash the torrents of grace that awaits us each pressing moment?… GRATITUDE, FAITH, and CONFIDENCE.  

… people from the synagogue official’s house arrived and said, “Your daughter has died; why trouble the teacher any longer?”  Disregarding the message that was reported, Jesus said to the synagogue official, “Do not be afraid; just have faith”’  (Mk 5: 36).  Faith is our light in this life, with which we are convicted of the will of God in the smallest event, even when our minds cannot comprehend the situation.  There are treasures that the Lord desires for each soul to discover, in the midst of joys and sorrows, suffering, pain, which can only be unlocked with the eyes of faith. Faith cannot be said to be real and living until it is tried, and has triumphed over every effort for its destruction.  To consider God equally good in things that are petty and ordinary as in those that are great and uncommon is to have a faith that is not ordinary, but great and extraordinary. 

I thank You Father…  Before the prayer of Jesus was even answered, His lips uttered a prayer of thanksgivingDaily and hourly, the Lord showers His children with spiritual gifts.  Gratitude is the response of a humble heart, which acknowledges these gifts; it is an expression of a personal encounter with the Giver of all gifts.   It fosters an attentive and watchful disposition, which freely receives and recognizes the countless ways God has showered a soul with an abundance of His grace.  He desires to spoil and shower his children with gifts.  The more a person appreciates His gifts, the more one will recognize the presence of God at any given situation.     

Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid (Jn 14: 27).  If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask for whatever you want and it will be done for you (Jn 15: 7)  Our confidence lies in Jesus’ unfailing words.  Though a mother forsake her child, He will not forsake you, as the prophet said.     

Dominus Est… “It is the Lord!”  With the piercing eye of faith, a heart filled with gratitude, and bold confidence may we repeat these words at every moment of our lives, and find God in whatever guise He assumes.

“O my God, when I look into the future, I am frightened;
but why plunge into the future?
Only the present moment is precious to me, as the future may never enter my soul at all.
It is no longer in my power, to change, correct, or add to the past;
for neither sages nor prophets could do that.
And so, what the past has embraced, I must entrust to God.
O present moment, you belong to me – whole and entire.
I desire to use you as best I can.
And although I am weak and small,
you grant me the grace of your omnipotence.
And so, trusting in Your mercy, I walk through life like a little child,
offering You each day this heart burning with love for your greater glory.”

–  Saint Faustina Kowalska