Our New Motherhouse

Since its inception, the Sisters of Life have seen evidence of the miracle of God’s grace in the foundation and growth of this new religious family.  Entrusted with a charism of life (a gift of God’s Spirit) for the Church and the world; blessed with a steady and growing stream of vital, young, talented and good women entering the community (we now number 76 members); charged with numerous missions in New York, Toronto and Connecticut, and an outreach of evangelization throughout our nation and internationally – all at the service of proclaiming the sacredness of human life and God’s plan for human love – the Sisters of Life now need a place which can serve as the spiritual epicenter for our growing religious community.  In the traditions of the Church, a central house which draws all the members of a women’s religious community together as family is called a motherhouse.

Following the Spirit’s promptings to ‘house the graces’, we will open the doors of our first motherhouse this year.  The motherhouse project will secure the deep foundations laid in the past 20 years and simultaneously respond to the blessings of growth in members and missions.  Immediately, this large convent will fulfill a long-standing need for the Mother Superior and her assistants (the Generalate) to live side-by-side with our Novitiate — the youngest members of the community.  It is for the youngest that a mother has special regard and responsibility.  The formation and integration of our newest members in a thorough-going spiritual way of life is a paramount duty, and a way of reverencing God’s great grace and gift of a call to religious consecration.

 We invite you to continue with us to follow the graces God bestows by becoming part of this new chapter in our lives through your prayers and continued support.  If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do the builders labor. (Psalm 127:1)
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