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Richmond, VA

Sr. Bethany, Sr. Magnificat, and Sr. Catherine Joy Marie had the blessing of visiting Richmond, Va from February 8th-11th. Sr. Bethany was invited to speak at the College Summit and the Diocesan Youth Conference that the diocese of Richmond was sponsoring. The two conferences were going on simultaneously and it was a jam-packed weekend of grace! Sr. Bethany gave 2 keynotes to the 800 college students in attendance and 2 talks to the 1400 high school students, and Sr. Magnificat also gave a talk to the college women. Our Sisters also had the opportunity to visit the University of Virginia where they shared the Charism and a Vocation Story with the students. 


Walk for Life 2018

Sr. Marija Joseph, Sr. Maria Laetitia, Sr. Magnificat Rose, and Sr. Jeanne Marie had the privilege of sharing the Charism of Life with those in San Francisco (Sr. Marija Joseph’s hometown!) from Jan. 25th-29th. Their time was richly blessed and they had many grace-filled encounters. During their visit, they had dinner with young women in the area, prayed with a pro-life group, spoke to students at a local, Catholic elementary school, participated in the Walk for Life, gave a talk Star of the Sea Parish (close to 400 people attended!), helped lead music for a Holy Hour, and participated in the Students for Life of America Conference. 


SLS 2018

Our Sisters traveled to the Windy City from Jan. 2-6 for FOCUS’ Student Leadership Summit Conference. There may have been subzero temperatures outside, but the Lord was actively warming the hearts of  the 8,000 young adults who attended and setting them on fire with His Love! Sr. Bethany gave one of the keynotes, “My Father and yours…Unleashing the Blessing,” and Sr. Faustina gave a breakout session called “Encountering a Person in Crisis” (so many people wanted to attend that the room was literally overflowing!). The days were richly blessed as our Sisters had the opportunity to encounter many students and missionaries who are seeking to deepen their relationship with Christ. God is about a mighty work! If you would like to listen to some of the talks given at the conference you can check out FOCUS’ website at 


If it weren’t for our wearing Yankee colors, our Sisters may have converted to being Packer fans during their grace-filled visit to Wisconsin from Nov. 16th-20th! Sr. Bethany Madonna, Sr. Magnificat Rose, and Sr. Theresa Francesca were invited to be present and speak to youth at St. Anne’s parish in Pleasant Prairie, WI. Sr. Bethany gave a dynamic talk about life and love to teenagers (and the many adults who wanted to come!) and the Sisters were present to parishioners after the Masses on Sunday. Our Sisters also tagged on visits to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee–where our Sisters gave a talk on the Feminine Heart, shared a Vocation story and stories from our Missions, and met with young women. The Sisters had a delightful time with students at both schools and even participated in two Friendsgivings leading up to Thanksgiving!

Relying on the Providence of God!

Oh how we love the providence of God and Providence, Rhode Island! Sr. Bethany Madonna, Sr. Magnificat Rose, and Sr. Catherine Joy Marie were invited to Providence College from Oct. 4-6th to speak at a Theology on Tap event (Sr. Bethany gave a great talk on God’s plan for life and love) and to share about the concept of “Delighting in the Other” with a group of peer ministers on campus. The students especially loved hearing Sr. Catherine Joy Marie share her vocation story as an alum of the school! Our Sisters had a blessed few days speaking with the students, having meals with them, and even playing a game of tennis! Their trip was book-ended with visits to Brown University and Yale University (where they attended a Pro-Life Conference)! 


Sr. Veronica, Sr. Mary Loretta, Sr. Faustina, and Sr. Magnificat had the great joy of sharing the Charism of Life with the historic city of Boston from Sept. 27-30, 2017. Sr. Veronica gave a talk the first night on the Healing Gaze of Jesus at St. Clement’s Shrine to a group of around 50 young adults. Over the next few days, the Sisters were blessed to visit with students at several schools in the area including MIT, Harvard (where Sr. Faustina gave a talk on the Charism of Life), and Northeastern. The Sisters even had the privilege of leading a group of MIT students in a rosary walk over the Charles River and getting a tour of Harvard from some of the students! 


Postulant Entrance 2017

On September 9th, the Sisters of Life welcomed eight new postulants at St. Frances de Chantal Convent in the Bronx. We are so happy to welcome them and their families! Please join us in praising God for their “fiat” to enter into this journey of discernment.

Top row, from left to right: Annemarie, Larysa, Mikayla, Marlena
Bottom: Kayla, Melissa, Maura, & Molly

Fall Road Trip 2017 (Franciscan, UPitt, and DeSales)

Sr. Bethany, Sr. Faustina, and Sr. Magnificat soaked in the graces of this new apostolic year with a road trip out to Franciscan University where Sr. Bethany gave a talk on healing as part of a Symposium on the Gift of Human Sexuality hosted at the University this fall. The room was filled to the brim, as over 300 students attended! We were blessed to spend a few days on campus where we met and prayed with students, had meals with different households, and Sr. Faustina (an alum!) gave a talk to young women. The road trip continued as we journeyed to Pittsburgh where Sr. Magnificat gave a reflection to students at the University of Pittsburgh, and had the opportunity to speak to classes at a local, all-girls’ high school. We ended our trip with a visit to DeSales University where we had dinner with students and Sr. Faustina gave a reflection to some members of the senior class. 

Ignite Your Torch-Kentucky

Sr. Elizabeth Grace, Sr. Magnificat Rose, Sr. Jeanne Marie, Sr. Maria Frassati, and Sr. Lucia Christi took a road trip down to Sr. Elizabeth Grace’s home state of Kentucky from July 4-10 where they were invited to help with a youth conference called Ignite Your Torch. The graces were flowing throughout the Conference as close to 150 young people gathered for talks, games, Mass, adoration, and the opportunity to pray outside of an abortion clinic. Our Sisters joyfully shared the Charism of Life throughout the week- Sr. Elizabeth Grace gave the Keynote one night while the other Sisters helped give breakout sessions and participated in the music ministry. 

Kickin’ off the year at NYU!

Our Sisters began the apostolic year close to home with a visit to New York University in lower Manhattan. Sr. Bethany, Sr. Faustina, Sr. Benedicta, and Sr. Magnificat were invited to join FOCUS missionaries and students at NYU as they kicked off the school year with a picnic and evangelization in Washington Square Park. The gorgeous day was equally matched with beautiful encounters as our Sisters shared the Charism and joy of the Gospel in the heart of the city. The day ended with Adoration, Mass, and a dinner to welcome new students.

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