Donate Items for the Community


 Dear Friends and Co-Workers of the Sisters of Life,

As we do each new apostolic year (which begins on September 1st) plans were made over the summer to assign cars as needed to each local convent for the use of the Sisters in their lives and mission.  We now find that a number of the cars are more unreliable than expected (we knew they were old – our newest car is more than 5 years old — but we thought the cars were more road-worthy than they have proven to be).  In essence our fleet of ‘junkers’ looks better on paper than it is in reality. 

If you or someone you know is able to donate a used 7-passenger van or car to the community we would be most grateful.  We are looking for cars and vans that while used, still have some good years of life left in them.

With questions or donations, please call or contact Sr. Mary Karen, the community’s coordinator of cars, at
(845) 357-3547.

Thanks for all you do in a thousand important ways for the women we serve and for the Sisters of Life.  I appreciate your efforts.  Our religious lives and missions could not survive without you. 

Gratefully in Christ, our Life,

Mother Agnes Mary, SV