About Visitation Mission

Since the very beginning of our community, the Sisters of Life have been reaching out with practical assistance and spiritual and emotional support to pregnant women in crisis. The Visitation Mission is a mission of love, in person and by phone, to vulnerable, pregnant women. By providing the emotional and practical resources a woman needs, we hope to allow her the opportunity to respond with courage and dignity to one of life’s most difficult moments.

We have been privileged to serve hundreds of young women who have found themselves pregnant under circumstances that have created a very real experience of a major crisis in their lives. Almost all who contact us have been abandoned emotionally and often physically by those in their lives to whom they normally look for support: the fathers of their unborn children, their parents, close relatives, friends and co-workers.

Many have reached out to us determined to somehow find a way to give their babies life, after having suffered one or more abortions in a pain-filled past. They come from all walks of life, ethnicities, and faith traditions.

In a culture of death such as ours, we see the beautiful miracle of God’s grace at work in the lives of these women. Our vocation as consecrated religious allows us to be the voice and agent of Christ’s tender love and mercy to these women and their little ones. We strive to bring His peace, the gift of hope and a “beginning joy” to each of these women God sends our way, even amidst what the women themselves readily admit are “non-ideal circumstances.” We have witnessed the truth that “life is always a good” as we have watched it slowly but surely blossom forth in so many of these courageous women with a heart faithful to the call to love.

Consider attending a Co-Workers of Life Training Day to learn more about how you can put your gifts at the service of others.

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