The New Pro-Life Generation

It was more than a march.  It was a summons.  A summons to life.  To solidarity.  To joy.

 In a culture haunted by darkness, by emptiness, what did we see?  Hundreds of thousands of young people streaming off the buses, faces flushed with smiles, voices glowing with excitement… Bright banners and balloons flurrying above a river of people sweeping upwards in the bitter cold… Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children, of every nationality and background, shoulder to shoulder in a movement rising up from the soul of our nation.

 Each year, the majority of our eighty Sisters pile into cars,vans, and buses and drive down the east coast to Washington, D.C., to participate in what has become a monumental event in the pro-life movement: the March for Life.  They are joined in spirit by a handful of Sisters who fly out to be present at the West Coast Walk for Life, a newer sister-event that exists for the same reason: to proclaim and defend the dignity and sacredness of every human person… [more]